What On Earth Was I Thinking.

One simply cannot expect to hear the answers, when one is always talking… Furthermore, one simply cannot expect to feel into intuition, when one is always thinking…

The Universe/Source (whatever you want to call it) knows All (because it is All)…. And it communicates THROUGH you, and is accessed by you, through Intuition; your extrasensory perception… Your ability to perceive what is beyond the senses.

Developing your intuition is what will lead you to the ultimate comprehension and attainment of “Cosmic Consciousness”.

Recent times has seen me experience a string of challenges, one after the other. Sort of like swimming in really strong rapids and being dunked by the strong waves… I swim diligently under the water to come up for air, and no sooner have I come up for air have I been dunked again…  So, today, I sat, quietly, and politely asked myself, and my mind, to shut the fuck up. And I am in total trust, that through a big dose of shooshing, a pinch of faith, a dash of surrender and a nip of only the finest Whiskey… All shall be Divinely revealed to me in a precious moment of Now.

Chaos created by the mind, cannot be solved on the level of the mind.

The mind, cannot take you beyond the mind. It is paradoxically Man’s greatest tool, yet man’s greatest limitation. You see, Intuition, is your gateway into the infinite field of information and (from my experience) intuition doesn’t make ‘sense’ to the mind. It’s a ‘feeling’… It cannot be made sense of and it cannot be reasoned, it just is. And in a crisis, we try and logic and reason our way through the scenario, through the challenge, using our mind… Which is great if your challenge is Sudoku!
Life doesn’t make ‘sense’. So why use your sense, when the challenge lay in a realm of non-sense. Mind cannot take you beyond the mind. Sense cannot take you beyond sense. 
“The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein. 
One of our greatest gifts is our intuition, our extrasensory perception, yet as a collective we have barely scraped the surface of its magnificence and ability. I had a friendly reminder today, and I hope this will be your friendly reminder… Building your intuitive muscle takes courage and TRUST, but you cannot expect to have a strong intuitive muscle, if its not used.
Habitually we fall back to the mind for answers. Do this when you play cross word puzzles, not when you’re trying to navigate your way through life.
Furthermore… The mere fact that all of nature (which includes us) is infinite, yet the human mind simply cannot even comprehend ‘infinite’, should be enough for you to recognise the magic in using intuition over mind.
You are infinite, yet the mind cannot even comprehend your very nature.
…So why on EARTH are we allowing the mind to occupy the drivers seat, when it can’t even comprehend the very terrain on which it drives…
Lexi xx


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  • Love all of your posts…. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, perceptions and brilliant interpretation ❤️ Xox