Our Greatest Illusion

We are all one. To be kind to you, you must be kind to ALL. To have a love of self, you must love ALL. Your unconscious mind is impersonal and because the unconscious mind is impersonal, the moment you are critical of someone else or their success, you’ve just guaranteed that you too, will never have that level of success. Think about it; why would the universe and unconscious mindprovide for you the opportunity to be successful and live an abundant life if you are critical of it? Be careful what you say and think, because YOU are always listening. If you do not understand this yet, the moment you live a life filled with love and gratitude, you will experience it all for yourself – the life you always dreamed of living, is your choice. Give love without the expectation of receiving love and you will experience love like you’ve never experienced it before.

Lexi xx

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