Medical Murder – The Industry Exposed….

My best friend introduced me to quantum physics in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2013 when I truly began to deepen the understanding… In 2014 it had become an effortless obsession… I studied and drooled over cutting edge physics with no actual defined purpose or reason as to why. My love for it was enough.

Intuitively, for years, I have known something big was going to fall into my lap. I just had to keep following my heart and my gut, wherever it took me… And for the past three years I trusted. I have been to the most bazaar places, with some of the most extraordinary humans, sharing breathtaking (literally) cutting edge information.

Now, half way through 2016, I begin to scrape the surface of my purpose… I’ve been very busy and very quiet of late… And here’s why…

“What if someone invented an electronic device that would destroy pathogens, bacteria, and even viruses with no toxic side effects? What if that same device could wipe out cancer by altering the cancers cellular environment or by killing cancer viruses with an electronic or ultra-sonic beam? … That was accomplished years ago. The researcher who invented and perfected this device has an odd name, Royal Raymond Rife.” – Author Unknown.

On a flight back from America in April 2016, I had a huge information down load. The first i’d ever experienced of its kind. All of a sudden, an effortless understanding and fixation on frequency technology felt so ingrained and apart of my human self.

I couldn’t sleep properly for days. I scoured the internet all day and all night reading anything I could get my hands on. What I discovered, was both shockingly sickening, yet deeply empowering.

“Conventional Medicine itself is now the number one killer. Iatrogenic (medically caused) deaths, including fatal drug reactions, medical errors and unnecessary medical and surgical procedures, tallied in at 783,936 deaths annually, beating both heart disease (at 699,697) and cancer (at 553,251)…” Ellen Hodgson Brown

Let that sink in for a minute. The ‘system’ that fronts-up the mission to keep a species healthy, alive and thriving, is the NUMBER ONE KILLER. 783,936 deaths annually… Ah, oops?!

We do not have a health care system, we have a disease care system. Take a minute to scroll through the units that student doctors study at University… There is more time spent studying sicknesses and illnesses than there is nutrition and health. Basically, more time looking at the bandaid and the grazed knee, less time looking at the untied shoelace that caused the child to trip, thus causing the grazed knee and need for the bandaid in the first place.

I’ve read, seen, experienced and now own, the above mentioned frequency technology. Reading about it was one thing, applying it, testing it and seeing it for MYSELF, was another all together. Natural, non-toxic, non-invasive technology, that fucking WORKS.

But before I explain how the technology works you must wonder…


Why doesn’t the world know about this technology? 


Simple. If you owned a business that made over a hundred billion dollars a year, would you put any energy into supporting or researching something that would stop that from rolling in?

**The answer to that question depends on whether you’re an asshole or not.**

During the late 1800 ‘s, alternative therapies was  MAINSTREAM. But corruption and greed began to take precedence over human health in the early 1900’s. The Carnegie foundation, which was subsidised by old-mate John Rockefeller (who had just purchased huge amounts of stock in pharmaceutical companies) decided to run an industry investigation. Almost instantaneously they concluded that a total over-hall of the medical units taught in schools and universities was required. Removing and discrediting most (if not all) ‘alternate’ therapies, including electromedicine, electrotherapy, and other therapeutic devices and methods.

Humans went from 3% likely to get cancer 100 years ago to being 41% likely to get cancer today. In 1934 Royal Raymond Rife cured 100% of Pasadena’s Country Hospital patients with terminal cancer  with his frequency technology. Current technology has a less than 20% success rate.  (Dr Peter Glidden says less than 3% success rate – Click for Video)

Rife dinner1

Nov 20, 1931. Celebration Dinner given to honour Rife and his research to “End Disease”


The years that followed Rifes’ successful research saw him severely ostracised. Most if not all the people in the above photo received huge payouts to keep their mouths shut about the technology, and even if questioned, said they had never met or heard of Rife or his technology. Rifes’ home was raided, years of research, results and equipment; destroyed and stolen. Worse, Arthur Kendall, the man who worked with Rife on the cancer research, received a quarter of a million dollars to suddenly retire to Mexico, an exorbitant offer during the depression one simply could not refuse.

Cancer, and ALL diseases, illnesses and sicknesses is BIG BIG BUSINESS. And those who profit off your sickness, have EVERY REASON to keep the industry going.

Hence; deadly GMO’s, pesticides, processed foods, pharmaceutical drugs, chemtrails, harmful electrosmog and EMF’s… etc etc.

The perfect recipe to keep a billion dollar industry going for at leased another couple hundred years…

“There will never be a “cure” brought to market because there just isn’t enough profit in eradicating the disease entirely.  There will never be a governing body that protects consumers from being subjected to known carcinogens, because that too, will stop the cash from rolling in. A great deal of research is covered up and many potential cures are ignored and discredited because there is far more money in perpetuating illness than in curing it. In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment was 124.6 billion dollars.  Blood money.” -Daisy Luther, best selling author.

In summary, rife therapy (and electromedicine in general) is opposed by allopathic (drug) medicine for many reasons. It is FAR more successful, thus FAR more cost effective than medicine. One Rife Machine may cost more than a pack of pills, however long term, drugs are far more expensive. Drugs as a general rule suppress & manage symptoms, thus NOT eliminating the actual cause of the illness… Which is great for the doctor! It means you’ll be back for a repeat script, he gets to pocket a cut of the sale, and you’ll probably purchase more drugs to ‘manage’ the symptoms created from the initial drug. Cha-CHING!

Frequency equipment is purchased once, and eliminates the need for medication.


So, how does frequency technology work?


I’ll make it sound simple…

Everything is oscillating at a specific vibration. EVERYTHING.

And every vibration has it’s own signature frequency. This includes diseases and illnesses, even mental disorders, PTSD, depression etc (both the seen, and the unseen).

Once the frequency signature of a diseased cell / illness is determined, a frequency device is used to generate that frequency, then using one of three methods, the frequency is sent to the body; killing/healing that diseased cell or illness.


You all know I love red wine, so here’s an easy to understand metaphor using a wine glass:

If you lightly tap the glass you will hear it play a very specific ‘tune’ or ‘note’ (aka frequency). If you MATCH that tune/frequency and sing it back to the glass, (hold it by the stem, mouth wide open, close to the side of glass) the glass will sing the tune back to you LOUDER!!! Now, if you continue to sing this note, maintaining it’s perfect match, for an extended period of time, at the right volume, the glass will SMASH.

We all know the image of the opera singer smashing glasses and windows in the theatre with her voice… This technology works exactly the same.

But, you can’t morally charge an average of $300,000 per person for its use, and it’s nearly guaranteed success confirms you will most likely never see this patient again, needing no doctor and no drugs.

One machine; every illness. Can you see how this would be quite threatening to a billion dollar industry?

In 2012, the Cancer Industry alone pulled $124.5 billion dollars, plus an added $5 billion raised for cancer ‘research’.


To wrap it up, I want to offer some respect for our surgeons and doctors, because there are few occasions my life was saved because of them. I’m not saying western medicine is to be ignored, as it clearly has its place and role to play. But truly, when it comes down to it, let the statistics do the talking.

The medical industry kills more people per year than cancer, and the decision makers at the top of the chain OBVIOUSLY don’t care for human health and cures as much as they do their bank balance, mansion and helicopter, otherwise frequency technology, among with MANY other healing methods and technologies, would be at the forefront of todays research and development. Not backlogged and shelved due to its poor profitability.

Don’t be fooled by the believable yet pathetic plea from big pharma for more cash for “research”. There is an abundance of research showing cures are available. However you won’t find this information reported in corporate owned media and you won’t see it debated by politicians or health care providers. Powerful forces, such as big pharma, are arrayed agains’t it, and the political puppets dance to their tune.

Rife therapy when used correctly can not only devitalize and demobalize microbes, viruses and diseased cells, but also energise and IMPROVE the totality of human health. Now, please excuse me for being fucking frank, but isn’t THAT SOMETHING OUR DOCTORS SHOULD BE  OFFERING!!??

Because I know many of you will want to know more… My plan is to begin live, public research. Available for everyone to see. My dream is to see big pharma exposed and collapsed, frequency & electromedicine MAINSTREAM and offered as the INITIAL and favourable therapy BEFORE any drug is administered. I want to see doctors give less fucks about their income, and more fucks about their patients health.

We live in a new age. An entire world of information is at your fingertips. Don’t follow expert advise because we’ve been told to, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Just because it’s not discussed on the 6 o’clock news doesn’t means its not worth considering. Christopher Columbus may never have left the harbour if his plans were subject to the prior approval of an expert peer review panel.


For those curious in treatment, yes I am running treatments.

Contact me here for more information.


**I also want to offer my deepest, heart felt gratitude to all the men and women, both past and present, who have dedicated their lives to getting this technology known and used, and to those who have taken me under their wing and shared with me a world unknown to too many.**

Lexi xx





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  • Lexi, the machine is still being manufactured, I take it. I’d love to read more and will. But if you have any particular source articles, I’d love to hear about them.

    • Hi Ken! No the machine is well and truly created, each year bringing in more discoveries and advances in the technology -refining frequencies and delivery methods. The two machines I use are the “Spooky2” and the “MOPA Plasma & Amplifier” – both very powerful. The “Spooky2” is as far as I know the most advanced and streamlined. Let me know if you have any more questions – would love to share 🙂 – Much love X

  • Very nice work Lexi! I am aware of Royal Raymond Rife and others but this was a very concise article and I like you passion and enthusiasm towards the subject. There are many stories similar to RRRs but his work was probably the most efficient and revolutionary, like the Tesla of health. I do believe we will eventually have this kind of technology but as you know there are currently power structures of various kinds that are preventing this for their own gains. Nikola Tesla got the same treatment and many others in the energy sector. We could’ve have also had free, wireless, clean energy technologies now but do not for the same reasons of corruption etc… With the new paradigm we are shifting into will come the eventual release of these technologies. There are many people working behind the scenes to make this happen and I am very positive about our future, even though it may look like all is lost, I believe we will very soon be free of these constraints and once that happens – the flood gates will open. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it here and just say, once again, it was great read and I wish you well on your mission! 🙂

    • Hello Rhuben!! Thank you for your comment! 😀 Yes, I agree with all you’ve said. I believe the power lies in the people, so all we have to do is focus on whats good for others and the world and do what we can as a species to adopt these practices into our home. Thereby dropping the old, and re-creating the new – withOUT the need for the power establishments approval. 🙂 Also I want you to know that your support does not go unnoticed. You’ve always been kind enough to read my articles and like them often, and I’m truly grateful for it all. Thank you Rhuben!! Many blessings brother!! Xx

  • Lexi, that article is great and you sound like me. Everything you said, I have said at some point (including fuking ?). I’ve been a BioResonance Therapist in Melbourne for 12 years. I love it and it constantly amazes me how brilliantly it works. It also amazes me how easily it it rejected by doctors and ‘sheeple’ even after admitting they know sod-all about. Death by medicine is one of my fave soap-box subjects. I’m stoked you are in line getting it out there.

    • Hi Juanita! Thank you for your comment! I would love to connect with you and learn of your experience with the technology if you’re available to share? Please email me so we can connect, otherwise add me on facebook! 😀 Thank you for taking the time to read the article. much love! X

  • Hi Lexi, love your article and passion. I totally resonate with your attitude and disgust with the corruption due to greed and power of the medical industry, the associated industries and governments. This is a very similar situation to the energy industries and how they have bought off people and destroyed brilliant people and their evidence due to greed. I’m sure you’ve seen the movie Thrive – . I have been on a journey the last couple of years, discovering who I am and my purpose and have come across similar information. I applaud you for your dedication and commitment to expose the corruption. I have started to raise this issue and the response is varied. I believe we are on the cusp of a revolutionary change which will shake up the world. I wish you well on your mission and know I will be seeing more about this from you and beyond as you accelerate the vibration in this area. Much love 🙂 xox

    • I love the Thrive movement! I watched this doco years ago and it had (and still has) a huge influence on me and my journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and reach out – I love hearing from readers!! Endless love Debbie! Xx