Be Stupid. Or Be Awesome.

It’s incredible how much pain and suffering, have on offer. Yeah, it’s shit… but it’s also, so amazing. If you give yourself the space to observe yourself, IN that space, you can learn so much about you, that you didn’t already know. Things that you love about yourself, things that serve you. And also things that probably require deeper observation; like personal attributes that maybe don’t serve you, old conditioning, old beliefs, old rules, that maybe you didn’t know you had, that your suffering caused to bubble to the surface.

With the extreme highs and extreme lows I’ve experienced recently, I’ve recognised so much more opportunity in the lows, than I have in the highs. The highs are amazing, of course, magical rewards from the Universe for whatever magical reason that I am always grateful for. But it’s these lows!!!! These lows are soooooo rich in gifts that sadly can go totally unnoticed.

There is no problem with a problem. The problem is that you think there should be no problem.

So, after a ‘problem’, I give myself a day or so to allow emotion to come, flow, and go without judgement, then with anticipation I observe my ‘problem’ with the intention to seek out its opportunity and gift. Time and time again my frown is turned upside down with the recognition of these opportunities through the observation. Truly, more than the highs, THESE are the greatest gifts. These insights.

Neil Degrasse Tyson (absolute legend) explains in the series The Cosmos, that once upon a time, before humans, before Dinosaurs, all that inhabited the earth, were Bacteria. That same bacteria eventually turned into different species of aquatic life. Then one day, a fish out of water had a big problem, it had no feet to walk the Earth with. Apparently, every species that is alive today, IS alive, because this tiny fish with no feet faced this ‘problem’ as an opportunity for advancement. Not an opportunity to retreat back to familiar waters.

Evolution requires suffering. But without our involvement in the process, there is no evolution. (Want proof? Turn on the TV.) For it is the humans personal observation of the gift IN the suffering that allows that same human, the privilege to advance, and the honour to evolve.

Someone: What? Evolution requires suffering!? OMG you’re SO negative!!!

Me: Shoosh. Suffering is not gloomy and depressing, your perception of suffering is gloomy and depressing. Imagine if we viewed our suffering with excitement and anticipation of what gift and opportunity it might bring.

Someone:  ….


No one likes feeling shit, NO one. But in the face of suffering you have two options.

  1. Be stupid

You have been given a wrapped gift (aka the problem). The wrapping is crap, it’s heavy to hold, you’re disappointed and you want the entire world to know about it. So when you’re with friends and family, you hand them the heavy wrapped gift so they can share in its shittness to.

You carry it around until you either a) can no longer hold it b) get board of it or c) no longer require the attention it bought or d) someone tells you they’re sick of seeing it… Then you store it somewhere ‘safe’ in your house (so as not to lose it) and you manage to trip over it, again and again.

Learnt nothing. Retreat to old ways. Stupid.

2. Be awesome

You have been given a wrapped gift (aka the problem). The wrapping is crap, it’s heavy to hold and you’re disappointed. You kind of want the world to know about it. But not everyone. You’re selective of who you share it’s shittness with.

But soon after you’ve processed how shit the wrapping is, you recognise that you can actually take the wrapping OFF. So you do! And you throw it out! Because you can! And it’s amazing! And INSIDE the shit wrapping is the BEST gift EVER. One that makes you a better person. One that gives you insight into your strengths and weakness. One that offers the deepest of honours to your own human advancement and evolution. Awesome.


Either way – you get a shitty problem. So you MAY AS WELL unwrap it, right?


Lexi xx

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