Is the Illusion a Delusion? Or a Delusion the Illusion?

It doesn’t matter what you believe in, it’s true. And (sometimes) it doesn’t matter what other people say in opposition to what you say, it is wrong. Right?

Well, ‘wrong’ if compared to what you have to say, but right if compared to what they have to say.

You see? Both are true.

If you were standing on the Eastern side of a house, and your friend was on the western side (the opposite side) of the house, and a big gust of wind came… You would say, the gust of wind hit at 9:02am. But your friend would rightfully argue, that it hit at 9:03am (supposing it took a minute for the wind to cross from one side of the house to the other). Your friend is wrong, if compared to your perception/experience, but true if compared to their perception/experience.

Similarly, if a couple divorced, one might be devastated, and the other joyfully relieved. Is one more true than the other? Is one wrong and the other right? Or are both rightfully true from their own point of view?

For those who know me well (or have followed my Facebook posts and their subsequent comments), I’m quite opinionated, or at least, was. Very passionate about what I believe in, and would happily argue my point with stats and cleverly constructed blankets of technical linguistics to prove that my opinion was right, and ‘the way’.

But you see, I came to realize how silly it was. (The arguing and ‘proving’ bit). Because all I was doing was proving my position on the eastern side of the house, and if you were on the western side of the house, you were simply incorrect, misinformed and I had all the facts to prove it.

Most people (like I was) would prefer to live in denial or die, just to be ‘right’. And very few people have the willingness to relinquish their familiar dogmatic views (even if inaccurate) for the mere sake of being right. This, obviously, causes HUGE resistance to new information (which in-turn stunts their personal human evolution).

Most animals, including most domesticated primates (humans) display an incredible ability to ignore information that doesn’t ‘fit’ with their current perception or model of the world. Some call this conservatism (myself & R.Wilson like to call this stupidity) and this behaviour can be found all through the political, legal and educational system, in groups who still stand in opposition to gay marriage and the free-the-nipple movement, as well as in well established societies like the Ku Klux Klan.

But you see they all exist. They are all real and true from that perspective. And just because I stand on the opposing side of such a topic, does that mean that I am right? And they are wrong? And why do we humans feel such a need to have, a right and a wrong way?


You see the mind is a clever thing… As Dr Leonard Orr noted; “the human mind behaves as if it were divided into two parts, the Thinker and the Prover.”

If I think that eating meat is fine, the “prover” in my brain will willingly organize all perceptions to “fit” into this thought. And if I change my mind and decide to think that eating meat is bad, the “prover” in my brain will reorganize the evidence to prove the thought.

Perfect example, in the 60’s, there were many groups that proved LSD causes chromosome damage. While other groups had proved LSD has no effect on the chromosomes. In both instances, the prover proved what the thinker thought. And regardless that they are in total opposition to each other, both are true AND both are incorrect.

So then comes the uncomfortable question for the ambitious souls like mine… “So… If nothing is true, and everything is true… What am I supposed to believe in? What do I do now?”

Very good question.

Unfortunately (or not), I don’t know the answer yet, and quite honestly, I’m not sure there is one. Because assuming their was an answer, there would still be an answer that lies on the opposition of this answer, which would then imply, the answer is neither and both true and untrue.


So, for now, I have some wholesome “points” I contemplate and consider daily, that you might find helpful if the information in this article is something that hit you as hard as it did me….

– Remove “I know” from your language because it stunts personal growth. Even if you think you know, you still don’t know.

– Realize all opinions are just as real and true, just from a different perspective, albeit seemingly absurd from where you stand. “Each point of view reflects the position defined by the viewers unique level of consciousness” – David R Hawkins.

– Conflict arises out of the delusion that your perception is truer and more real than others. (This is how/where war and murder begins…)

– It doesn’t matter what you think, you will always find a way to prove it’s relevance and existence. So decide the thoughts you’d like to think, and go prove their existence.

– All exists, because all exists. “Up” is, because “down” is. “Left” is, because “right” is. Similarly, we can only know what “light” is because we know what “dark” is. Even though they are in ‘opposition’ to one another, they are of the same “vibrational package”, both exist from and of, the “one whole thing”. And if philosophically argued, anything and everything sounds convincing and true. So, instead of fighting the opposition, accept the opposition and focus your energy on what feels right for you.

– Be comfortable with not having an answer.


…And everything I have just said is neither true, nor untrue, likewise; meaningful whilst simultaneously being totally meaningless. 🙂


So, I leave you with this Zen Koan…


Yamaoka, as a young student of Zen, visited one master after another. He called upon Dokuon of Shokoku. Desiring to show his attainment, the Student said: “The mind, Buddha, and sentient beings, after all, do not exist. The true nature of phenomena is emptiness. There is no realization, no delusion, no sage, no mediocrity. There is no giving and nothing to be received.”

Master Dokuon, who was smoking quietly, said nothing.

Suddenly he whacked the student with his bamboo pipe. This made the student quite angry. “If nothing exists,” inquired the Master, “where did this anger come from?”


And as a good friend recently said to me during our discussion of relativity and absolutism… “Yes Lexi, but reality is relatively real”.


Lexi xx

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  • Thank you Lexi beautifully said – there is no right nor wrong – it is! Accept all views without position and magic is created. much gratitude mwah xxx