I’m Losing My Mind.

The more identified we are with something, the harder it is to let go.

Changing a job, a car, an outfit, is quite easy in comparison to say… changing your mind.

We are so identified and attached to our thoughts, our beliefs, our opinions that they seem real, absolute, and true.

Deeper than the thought itself – is another thought: the thought that; “this ‘thought’ will bring about happiness, success, attention, respect etc”

Therefore the attachment is not to the ‘thought’ itself, but the ‘thought’ beneath the ‘thought’; the illusory promise, that thinking itself is what will bring about happiness, success, love, wealth etc.

To let go of thinking, of thoughts, of opinions, therefore seems frightening, because letting go of thinking implies letting go of happiness, success, love, wealth etc. The fear derives from the loss of the attachment, not the loss of the thought, which is due to viewing the thought as the source of happiness/success/love etc.

And then the attraction deepens even further, from the fallacious over exaggerate value that these ‘thoughts’ are ‘mine’ and worthy of respect, admiration and protection. If I lose my thoughts, I lose my respect.

So, we become infatuate and in love with our thoughts. Blindly seduced by its deceptive promise, we cherish them, we defend them, we even make excuses for them.

Eventually, one comes to realise that the ‘mind’ is in fact incapable of knowing anything at all. To ‘believe’ you ‘know’ anything, is almost pure ignorance. The mind can only ‘think about’ a subject, a place, a thing, a person. To actually ‘know’, would assume you are that which is being known.

We can think about a dog… But only a dog ‘knows’ what a dog is.

You can say; “I know Sydney”, but do you know every street? And every house on each of these streets? And every person in every house on every street? And every experience that every person in every house on everyone street has had etc? No. So you don’t know Sydney.

So that must mean the only thing you can ever really ‘know’ is yourself.


So who is this “Self”?


If you were to lose an arm, would you feel less ‘me-ness’ or ‘I-ness’? No. Your ‘Self’ would still feel the same, it is just the body that feels different. Which means, ‘you’ are not the body.

So if you are not the body, then are you your mind?

No… Looking in the mind for ‘I’ would be like looking into the radio for the presenter.

The mind is a vibrational translator, creating for you your sensory experience of this world. Thoughts in the mind cannot experience themselves, but rather ‘something’ beyond mind, is experiencing the thought. Not only do you have the ability to ‘know’ the experience, but you also have the ability, to know you know.

The ‘thought’ in the ‘mind’ is observed, and that which is beyond the observation has an ‘experience’ and thus ‘experiences’ that which is observed; the thought in the mind. There is thought, then there is the observation and witnessing of the thought, then there is the experience of the observation and witnessing of the thought.

If you are not your body, not your mind, then who is having the experience? Who is witnessing that which is being witnessed? Who is having the experience of this witnessing?

Is the experiencing had by a who or a what?

If the only thing that could ever be known is ‘Self’, do you even know your ‘Self’? And can you ever actually ‘know’ it?

Who is behind the ‘knowing’ anyway? Who is the ‘knower’?

Is the ‘knower’ the same as the ‘observer’ and the ‘experiencer’?

Are they one thing?


So…. Who cares?


Well, very few actually, but I care.

Buddha says; “The root of all suffering is attachment”.

If I ask someone “Who are you?”… I can almost guarantee, they’ll tell me their name, their profession, where they live, their successors, accomplishments, achievements, degrees, blah blah blaaahhhhhh. So addicted, so seduced, so attached to the paradoxical tangible yet illusory surface, of something which is SO much deeper than name and label.

I’m here to tell you differently.

You are not your name, neither your profession, neither your accomplishments, your degrees, you are not your body, your mind, your thoughts… I tell you this for no other reason than the liberation, the unwavering undeniable sense of freedom, the warmest most deliciously tasting peace that comes, when this is deeply contemplated and Self realised.

We were taught that loosing your mind, was a really really bad thing.

I’m here to tell you differently.

Sit, quietly, for one minute, with your eyes closed, in silence, without thinking. I dare you to even try. Soon, not only will see how addicted we’ve become to the surface, but here, in the silence between the thoughts; the incessant chattering of the mind, you will find the ‘Self’.

I give you permission to loose your mind. If only for one minute.


Lexi xx


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