new earther

‘Free time’ is spent with her face buried in books, scrolling webpages, watching documentaries or having fruitful and meaningful conversations with mentors and passionate friends alike.

After years of studying the human mind and how we create our reality, Lexi’s journey took an unexpected turn into spirituality and science. Becoming deeply passionate and curious about science, the unified quantum field and consciousness, Lexi spends her waking spare moments engrossed in its beautiful paradoxes and abundant beauty. Lexi has been involved in many large conscious global movements, assisting in both the business set up, educational content, leadership mindset, spiritual healing and right action.

“I have a Utopian dream. I believe the earth is already on its path to a greater understanding. The shift has happened, now we just have to come together to bring a long as many people as we can, to join in with the shift. The system we are currently working from is broken, it does not work. Personal development, self-healing and sustainability needs to become a priority, in businesses and educational centers across the world. Knowledge needs to be shared freely and openly, otherwise, we will be the very reason for our own extinction.”

A key-note from Lexi  – “The system is broken”