creative mentor & business owner

Lexi & her business partner Elizabeth May of Australia band “Little May”, share a deep passion and profound understanding of art in all of its expressions. Upon reflection and enquiry Lexi & Elizabeth saw huge holes in the music and art industry, which, for the sake of art, needs desperate attention. This was the birth of their recently founded business “The Black Sheep Ensemble”

The Black Sheep Ensemble is a group of artists who are serious about understanding and fine-tuning our own creativity.

Among other things, The Black Sheep Ensemble offer courses & opportunities which give the artist the tools, the space and the support to realize and manifest their own artistic expression and potential.

It takes courage to stand out from the crowd, and The Black Sheep Ensemble makes that giant leap into authentic artistry more achievable, less daunting and WAY more fun.

Together their unique skills and broad experience give Black Sheep Ensemble an extremely competitive advantage in artist development and self empowerment industries.


traveller & writter

Lexi is an avid traveller & writer… Passionate about sharing her knowledge to as many people as possible, she writes articles glittered with her wisdom and personal experience with a dream to reach and inspire souls across the globe.

Lexi is driven to create a shift in consciousness across the globe with a dramatic change in the mindset of our leaders, and earths people. Of course in order for this to happen, she had to first, shift her own.  Lexi’s unique, humorous, sometimes blunt and completely transparent style of writing has captured hearts, minds, souls around the globe. Her honesty and wisdom has inspired thousands of humans to think, about their thinking, and not just from habitual patterns and conditioning.

Lexi shares her journey of self discovery talking of her challenges, discoveries, knowledge and laughter with the intent to bring about a movement, to reconnect each human with their truth, as she discovers hers.




Lexi was a natural born creative, but it was only until she was in her early 20’s that painting became a serious passion. With only enough money for paint, she resourcefully used her rental apartments wall prints as canvases. Using the same prints many times over. She made use of kitchen sponges, rulers, pencils, takeaway forks, plastic bags… anything she could get her hands on. Abstract art was Lexi’s gateway into another reality; escaping the linear hustle and bustle of the corporate world she was playing 9 hours a day in.

Lexi painted abstract for years until she found the courage to be even more ‘imperfect’ in her colourful attempts at realism.

In 2016 Lexi committed further to her art, falling in love with the way it made her feel, and the profound sense of accomplishment she felt from simply showing up day after day. Lexi travelled to Paris to learn from one of her most admired artist’s Mike Snow to deepen her understanding and practice.